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Underwater Photography School

Beginners Underwater Photography Course

As enthusiastic divers and nature lovers or just a desire to document your diving, you have already started thinking about underwater photography.


Whether you have little experience or have never done any photography, the underwater photography course for beginners will enable you to learn how to photograph the aquatic life or your friends underwater, bring home clear photos full of life and color, not just a blue photo without understanding what you see in the photos.


In the course you will learn the following:


How the aperture is built and what it affects.

What the shutter speed is and how it affects the exposure.

What the ISO is. What it affects and how to choose the right ISO for the picture.

What the White Balance is, how to measure white balance underwater.

The disappearance of colors underwater and how to revive them.Focus underwater.

Composition and content to produce an interesting picture.

Preparation, inspection and taking care of the underwater photography equipment before and after every dive.

Accessory equipment for underwater photography, such as arms, strobe, red filter, wet lenses, etc.


Who can participate? Any diver who has a diving certificate from an Open Water level and above from any recognized diving organization.

Valid diving insurance and a diving log book where the most recent dive was not over 6 months before the beginning of the course.

Minimum age is 12.


Length of Course:

2 days, including:

1st day theory lessons and 1 dive.

2nd day 2 dives and summary discussion.



Each participant will supply his own camera. In case he does not have one, he could rent one for the duration of the course.


It is recommended that each participant brings a laptop computer so that he could download the photos on the computer after each dive. In this way we could hold a discussion about the photography results at the end of each day

So you are already an enthusiastic divers and even started taking photos underwater, but you do not understand why all your pictures come out blue and where have all the colors disappeared ?


It is time for you to come and take the Beginners Underwater Photography Course
and you will learn how to bring back all the wonderful colors to your photos and the smile back to your face.

Before the course - All the photos are blue

After the course - Beautiful colored photos