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Nemo Divers and WildDive invite you to take part in our special dive trips to the top leading diving destinations worldwide such as Papua New Guinea, Galapagos, Fiji, Maldives, Tonga and many more , accompanied by the international award-winning photographer Noam Kortler.

All of our trips combined with underwater photography workshops to improve your underwater photography skills and technique and with land tours to the unique highlights of each destination.

We promise to give you a lifetime experience on each and every one of our trips and a great will to keep on joining us again and again.

We look forward to take you to your next unforgettable dream and make it into reality.


Noam Kortler – Nemo Divers

Ilan Vered - WildDive 

Past Dive Trips

The archipelago De Revillagigedo (also known as the Socorro Islands).

A series of Pacific islands belonging to Mexico, located 550 kilometers south of Cabo San Lucas. These volcanic islands are known as UNESCO heritage sites, and because they are preserved and remote from the mainland they are very rich in a huge variety of fish, shark, dolphin and even whales. This place is known for the giant Manta rays how are very sociable with the divers, and once you jump into the water, the Manta rays will be waiting for you and craving for the caressing touch of the bubbles on their belly. The Socorro Islands have been considered as one of the world's leading diving destination, especially the famous site Rocca


Definitely a unique destination and I am already waiting for the next trip scheduled for June 2018.

Come and join me on a dreamy journey.

Go to the photo gallery and watch a video from the last trip.

   Image Gallery      Cancun Senotes

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 Socorro Islands

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Galapagos Islands 2016

Return to the Galapagos.

4 Years from my last trip to the Galapagos Islands, I came back leading another dive trip. After a long period of  "El Niño"


the Galapagos as other places in the Pacific suffered from incising water temperature and the disappearance of big animals.

Lucky for us, three months before we arrived to the Galapagos the "El Niño" stopped and the waters of the Galapagos were booming with great numbers of hammerhead sharks, Huge schools of pelagic fishes and whale sharks were at their peak and we enjoyed the best that the Galapagos can offer. Enter the photo gallery and enjoy.


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Fiji & Tonga 2015

Tonga – The Kingdom of humpback whales.
Every year hundreds of humpback whales making their way to the frozen Antarctica to Tonga"s islands how are located in the South Pacific, and their goal is to give birth to the next generation. The Humpbacks will stay in Tonga for about three months, the Tonga's clear calm water and the protected lagoons will provide protection from predators and will allow the whales to raise their calf and mate again before the long journey back to "home" to Antarctica.
There is no better place in whole world than Tonga to ensure a face to face encounters with these gentle giants of the sea and provides spectacular experiences that will last for life.
You cannot get all the way to Tonga without visiting Fiji. Fiji provides numerous attractions such as diving with Bull sharks, rafting, Zipline treetops and the beautiful beaches.



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South Africa - Sardine Run 2015

South Africa. Spectacular excursion combines the best wilderness above and below the water.
On this trip we have combined the best: A land trip with Africa's "Big Five" in Hluhluwe game nature reserve and with one of the most remarkable natural phenomena on Earth - "The Sardine Run".
A huge swarm of sardines swim along the eastern coast of South Africa in June and July pulling the large predators of the sea. Thousands of dolphins, sharks, seabirds and whales chasing swarm, making it the largest annual feast.
A must Trip for any nature and sea edicts.


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Philippines  2015

The Philippines Islands are an attraction for travelers, especially divers and underwater photographers. The infinite richness and species of fish, corals and underwater life on the Philippines reefs is one of the largest and diverse in the world has to offer.

Enter to gallery and enjoy what that the Philippines have to offer above and below the water.

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Azores Islands 2014

The Azores islands are located in the heart of the Atlantic Ocean, located approximately 1400 km from Lisbon and belong to Portugal. Wild nature and volcanic islands forming an unusual and interesting underwater topography with a great abundance of fish, dolphins and whales.

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Papua New Guinea 2013

Papua New Guinea is considered as one of the best diving destinations in the world. This is a unique destination offering a numerous of underwater creatures from the smallest - pygmy seahorses to the sea giants sharks and whales. In addition to that coral reefs are decorated with vibrant colors and huge schools of fish.Luckily I have visited this destination three different times in 2006, 2009 and in 2013 I had the honor of leading a group of divers to that special destination. In addition to the amazing diving experience, we went to visit a number of different tribes to get familiarized with their fascinating way of life.




CUBA - Gardens Of The Queen "JARDINES DE LA REINA" 2013

Gardens Of The Queen "JARDINES DE LA REINA" belongs the sovereignty of Cuba. It is the third largest barrier reef in the world. Due to the physical remoteness and Cuba's dictatorship, the reefs of the Gardens Of The Queen's wins a relatively small number of visitors (from 500 to 700 divers a year) This ensures a healthy of the coral reefs and huge quantity of fish that is hard to described. You can also find large quantities of sharks and other large animals. Among the chains of islands in the gardens Of The Queen there are many lagoons and Mangrove forests which are used as an optimal nursery for countless marine life and even Salt Water Crocodiles. The Gardens Of The Queen is the Galapagos of the Caribbean Sea.

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Galapagos Islands 2012

Since the discovery of the famous explorer of evolution theory Charles Darwin's, the Galapagos Islands have become a must visit and where a kind of "pilgrimage" to all the nature lovers and photographers in particular. My first trip to the Galapagos Islands was in 2008, and visiting this place left a taste and desire to return and discover new creatures and so I did. In 2012 I led a group of divers and nature lovers to this special place and we combined a land trip and a diving trip between the different islands.I hope I'll be back to visit the Galapagos Islands in the near future.


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Belize  2012

Belize has the second largest barrier reef in the word. It is about 300 km and contains a huge variety of underwater creatures great and small.
Diving in offers you multiple dive sites, wall dives, reef dives and diving between in and out of atolls.
Various underwater creatures who settled this reef are diverse and extraordinary beauty. Here you can see large schools of fish, turtles, rays, sharks and more.


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Maldives   2011

The Maldives are undoubtedly one of the world's most attractive destinations for diving trips. Due to geographical distance, quality of the dive sites and the quantity of the marine life, this destination is one of the leading for most divers and is considered as "Best Money For Value".
In the Maldives you will find a wide variety of dive sites suitable for all levels of diving and even snorklers .Maldives diving trips are by far the best way for us divers we to experience this magical place.


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Fiji   2008 + 2009

Fiji Islands are located in the south Pacific and contains hundreds of island. Fiji considers as "The soft coral kingdom". The endless corals and colors of the Fijian reefs can be seen everywhere and they are booming with marine life and countless sea creatures, huge schools of fish and sharks everywhere promising spectacular dives. In addition to the amazing dives, Fiji is blessed with rain forests and endless white sand beaches and turquoise waters - not just Fiji is considered heaven on earth.

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French Polynesia  -  Bora Bora & Rangiroa   2006

French Polynesia consists of approximately 120 islands spread out over five different Archipelago groups which located in the South Pacific. Among the hundreds of islands particularly noticeable the island of  Bora Bora which considered as "the most beautiful island in the world", and atoll Rangiroa which considered as the world's second largest atoll in the world. This atoll is known of the huge concentration of sharks. Diving in the French Polynesia is known for the great numbers of pelagic fish schooling around, sharks, dolphins, whales and many other big marine lives.

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