Diving courses - and guided dives - Eilat

Guided Dives


On a diving vacation like any other vacations, you'll want to enjoy every minute.


At Nemo Divers you will be able to join guided dives to the all the leading diving sites in Eilat in small personal groups.

Up to 4 divers only in a group will ensure you maximum enjoyment underwater and have an unforgettable experience without rushing or urging you to finish the dive.

The unique advantage that our guided dives offer, besides small groups, is the vast experience and knowledge of many years with the reef and the marine life hidden in secret places underwater and we can expose you to those unforgettable sites of critters and marine life that you don’t see on any average dive. 

We will supply you with full diving equipment, including diving booties and a diving computer at no additional charge, since we believe in comfort and safety for each diver. 

Recommended dive sites in Eilat

Joshua's Rock and Moshe's Rock


These sites are the highlights of Coral Reef. The dive is shallow (up to 8 meters) and suits all levels of diving. Diving at these sites will leave you with an appetite for more and you undoubtedly will want to come back many more times, especially those who are interested in underwater photography.



Coral Beach - Nature Reserve


Coral Beach is partially located north of the Coral Nature Reserve in Eilat. In this area there are many options and various diving routes, starting with shallow, lengthy and tranquil dives, along with the thousands of fish and amazing corals, up to deep dives (up to 30 meters) down the steep slopes completely covered with corals.

The Caves Dive Site


This site is very shallow (between 4 to 7 meters), but magnificent in its beauty and different from most of the diving sites in Eilat. Along the reef which is abundant with corals and fish, we can find a number of openings and passages where one is especially protruding where divers can pass through. At this location you can find Crocodilefish, Lionfish, Rays and tens of other species of fish. We highly recommend this location, which is suitable for divers at all levels. The site is located 300 meters south of Lighthouse Beach.

The University Dive


Site – Lighthouse BeachThe approach to this site is from the Lighthouse Beach and diving takes place at the IUI – the Marine University. Here you will be able to view an endless number of underwater researches and experiments carried out by students, that also include growing corals gardens. At this site we could find plenty of surprises, we don't know what to anticipate at this site, whether it's sea turtles, rays or even Frogfish or a passing Whale Shark. The depth of the dive is around 16 meters and is suitable for divers at all levels.

The Mosquito Wreck Dive Site


A small patrol navy boat made from fiberglass and aluminum was sunk on purpose in 1986. The length of the boat is about 14 meters and width 6 meters. The site is located at the northern part of Coral Beach in Eilat about 90 meters from the shore and lying at the depth of 30 meters. This site is suitable for divers certified with an Advanced Open Water certificate or higher level.

Neptune Tables Dive Site


This site is named after Acropora hard coral, which are gigantic stone corals shaped like tables. At this site various route are possible in shallow water along the coral to a depth of 30 meters where we can find abundance of gigantic table corals.The site is located south of the Princess Hotel and is the most southern diving site in Eilat Bay.

The Satill Wreck Dive Site


Missile gun boat named "Sofa" (a navy boat) that was sunk on purpose in 1994. Its length is 45 meters and width between 5 to 7 meters, the wreck is made from metal. The wreck has today become a reef rich with many fish decorated with soft and hard corals. The wreck is located at the southern marina in Eilat (Tor Yam), a distance of 80 meters from the shore and resting at a depth of 24 meters.